Memobottle A5 - Flat is the new round

Not so plastic fantastic. According to the Zoological Society - and if nothing changes - by 2025 for every three tonnes of fish in the world’s oceans, there will be one tonne of discarded plastic. A big part of the problem is single use plastic bottles – ones used for drinks for example.

In the UK, only around one quarter of the 5 million tonnes of plastic used each year is reused or recycled. In the US last year, about 50 billion plastic water bottles were used, with a recycling rate closer to 23%.

Plastic bottles, can take between 450 -1,000 years to break down and then usually into smaller and smaller pieces. The lifespan of the resulting plastic particles is even longer and can be ingested by marine animals, passing up the food chain and causing toxic harm.

The team behind the Memobottle hope to help redress things a little. Their solution is an ingenious, premium quality and BPA free reusable flat drinks container. This eco-friendly water bottle holds as much as a standard bottle (750ml), but it’s only 3cm wide. So this cool H20 holder will slot perfectly into your laptop bag, messenger bag or briefcase. It’s even modelled on an A5 piece of paper, so it’s easier to stack with your paperwork. 

Rigid, beautifully designed and dishwasher friendly, the Memobottle A5 could be a great gift... not only to yourself or a friend but Mother Earth too.


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