The 32 Coolest Camping & Festival Gadgets 2015

"'Tis when the sun goes down, that's the time that I like best. Oh yeah, I'm roaming in the gloaming...". With the festival season about to kick off, we take a look at the best camping and festival gear - both available now and coming soon - to help make sure you're fully equipped to glamp like you mean it... By the way, the 2016 guide is now live too!

1. Cinch is the ultimate pop-up tent. Not only does it take mere seconds to erect, it also comes with a solar power pack to charge your smart devices, LED lighting, LED tent pegs and light reflective guy ropes. 

2. Windcatcher Airpad 2. The revolutionary inflatable camping mattress you can blow up in seconds with just a few breaths of air – no clumsy pump, no unhygienic valves. You'll also get to sleep like a baby as it has a 4 inch thick quilted support system for superior cushioning and comfort. 

3. PropShades. Inspired by Yeezy and Daft Punk’s genre-mashing ‘Stronger’ these spectacular retro shades light up in time to the music like rainbow equalisers and the rechargeable Li-ion battery - hidden in the arm of the glasses - provides enough power to last a full 14 hours.


4. Helinox Table One. Made from ultralight materials and packing down to virtually nothing, the single shock corded pole structure and storage bag make this wilderness-loving table incredibly simple to set up and take down

5. VSSL Flask Light. This is - as you might have guessed - a flashlight / 300ml drinks flask cut 'n' shut; it also contains two collapsible shot glasses and a bottle opener. Handy for that inevitable post-midnight visit to the 'facilities', when a stiff drink - in our experience - is essential.

VSSL Flask Light


6. Fugoo Speaker. Snow proof, sand proof, and waterproof to 3 feet for 30 minutes, the Bluetooth connected Fugoo has six drivers on four sides for a 360-degree sweet spot and incredible 95dB SPL-A volume. Did we also mention its battery lasts 40 hours? Yes. Yes we did.

7. Big Big Body Wipes. You've signed up for 72 hours of unbridled hedonism... who's got time for a shower? Fortunately these towel-sized wet wipes will ensure that faced with 3 days of binge-drinking, dad-dancing, mud wrestling and tent baking, you'll only have to turn your underwear inside out just the once.

8. Biolite NanogridThis clever 4-in-1 system can function as a lantern, a torch, a powerbank for your USB-charging gadgets, and a daisy-chain overhead lighting setup. Brilliant!


9. Cafflano Klassic is the world's first all-in-one portable coffee maker. Perfect for life on the go; grind your own beans and drip-filter a deliciously hot cup of fresh Joe wherever you are.

10. Rumpl. An all-purpose indoor/outdoor waterproof throw blanket, made from the same stuff as high spec outdoor gear (and Puff Daddy's wardrobe). Comes with a compression sack for easy storage or taking with you on the go.

11. VW Camper Tent. An evergreen classic, this stunning four-person tent is a deluxe, exact scale replica of the iconic 1965 Volkswagen Split Screen model. Unfortunately unlike the original, the wheels on this bus don't go round and round...

12. WTF?! Car Sun Shades. What feels like a balmy May afternoon outside your car can quickly make the inside feel like a Bikram yoga studio. These shades block out 93% of the sun’s rays – keeping your car cool and causing proper ROFLsnorts from anyone passing by.

 13. Ice Mule Coolers. You'll need to get hold of some ice (we put men on the moon, how tough can it be?) but once you have that on board, you can keep 12 cans of beer or 5 bottles of wine cold for up to 24 hours in these highly versatile, leak-proof soft coolers.

14. GoBQ GrillLightweight, extremely compact, and unbelievably easy to set up, the GoBQ Grill is the world's first and only ultra-portable packable BBQ. Made from high-tech heat and flame resistant fabric, the GoBQ is lightweight, quick to put up (20 secs) and quick to cool down.

15. Pico Bottle OpenerCut from .100" Titanium, this miniature marvel comes attached to a split-ring to give you the leverage you need to pop the top on your favourite craft beer.


16. Mixbin Instant Power Charger. The St. Bernard of phone chargers, the disposable, recyclable Mixbin is a single-use, universal emergency phone charger for getting you out of trouble fast and holds 100% of its power for an astonishing five years.

17. Matador Pocket Blankets. Folding up smaller than a bag of crisps (or a matchbox in the Mini's case), these compact and picnic or beach blankets are made from HyperLyte nylon. Which means they are incredibly light but still resistant to water and punctures – whether from a rogue cheese knife or sharp stone underneath.

18. Sitpack. Coming on like a 21st century shooting stick, this former Kickstarter hit is the world's most compact portable seat (it folds down to fit in your pocket) and can support up to 130kg (286 lbs.).

19. Biolite Kettlecharge. Charge your phone or tablet while you boil the kettle; the BioLite KettleCharge is a compact, multifunctional outdoor thermoelectric generator supplying back-up power literally anywhere. Simply fill it with water (it has a 750ml capacity) and heat on a stove to get boiling water and ten watts of USB power at the same time! 

20. GoBites Trio. There are plenty of 'sporks' and other travel eating utensils on the market but not many boast a Red Dot Design Award, come in a beautiful carry-case and feature an integrated bottle opener. There's even a toothpick to dislodge the houmous.

21. LuminaAID Packlite Spectra. Weighing in at a backpack-friendly 99g this clever flat pack colour-changing solar light inflates into a handy lantern – perfect for lighting up your tent at night or making the long and winding trip to the toilets.

22. Hydaway. A durable, stable, reusable, fully-functioning water bottle made from silicon that collapses, accordion-style to fit in a back pocket or clip onto a backpack.

23. iOn Snapcam. A wearable 8 megapixel and 720p HD camera that turns on with the simple swipe of a hand to capture images and video in a flash. It also connects wirelessly to your smartphone to upload content instantly or for live streaming (ay up Periscope!).  

24. Firefly. A revolutionary new portable laser lamp that uses a safe low powered laser to scatter hundreds of pin-punched proprietary dots of light (the titular fireflies) to illuminate its surroundings. Guaranteed to add some high-tech pizazz to nights under canvas.

25. goTenna. No service? No problem. This device is a battery-operated 2-watt radio and antenna that connects to Android or iOS devices via Bluetooth LE. When activated by extending the device's antenna, the goTenna establishes a radio connection with any other goTenna devices within broadcast distance (up to 6 miles) enabling the user to text up to 160 characters.


26. Scrubba Portable Washing Machine. Clean your clothes anywhere, and in no time at all. Lightweight, compact and backpackingly easy to use, this marvel of personal hygiene will wash your clothes in no time – and you can use it virtually anywhere!

27. Grilliput Quattro. A stainless steel collapsible grill that serves 4-6. The components conveniently store inside the side rails and are capped with the Hot Grips grill grabbers.

 28. Burnie is a 100% natural, all-wood, self burning grill. It contains charcoal and a wick for easy lighting and is designed to completely burn out, so there's no clean up required. Available in two sizes, the larger of which will last for 2.5 hours.

29. Vinnebago Vacuum Flask. Fine wine and fine design go hand in hand with the Vinnebago, a go anywhere, triple-insulated 21st century vacuum sealed flask, that will keep your drinks cold for 25 hours or hot for 12. 

30. Flapot. Winner of a prestigious Red Dot design award, Flapot is a durable and foldable, 1.5 L stainless steel origami-style cooking pot designed for cooking in the great outdoors. Each will last for approx. 80 meals.

31. Treo Camping Chair. Big chair comfort in an exceptionally small package, the Treo packs entirely into its own tripod base and can support up to 113kg (250 lbs).

32. Kisha. Rain is the 'Dutch Oven' of any camping / festival trip, so you might want to consider taking along this smart umbrella (the world's first), which connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The app will give you a weather forecast so you can decide whether to take Kisha with you and being location sensitive, will alert you if you leave the brolly behind. It's also 100% windproof and corrosion-proof. 

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