Medieval Fantasy Darth Vader Armour

What might the fictional Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, look like as an imaginary medieval fantasy overlord? Fortunately custom armour manufacturer Prince Armory has the answer... they have conjured up an amazing suit of (10oz premium vegetable tanned leather) armour, complete with such arcane body-protecting features as articulated pauldrons, breastplates, cuisses, greaves and vambraces.

It's a tricky one to pull off successfully; you have to respect the designer's original vision yet not play it too safe and have it a borderline carbon copy which renders the whole exercise kinda pointless. On the other hand you don’t want stray so far from the source material that it is no longer recognisable or make design decisions that has the fan base reach for the pitchforks and torches.

Looking at the results, PA seem to have done an excellent job and it's a nice Western counterpoint to this samurai take on the Supreme Commander from doll maker Yoshitoku Taiko - although unlike PA's full-size attempt, this is only a 3' high display set. Of course it’s been said that Japanese armour was a major inspiration for the iconic design of Vader in the first place...

 You can take a look at the Darth Project here; they've also previously produced leather armour versions of Batman, Aquaman and Loki. Impressive... most impressive.

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