Somabar - Your Friendly Robotic Bartender

Meet SOMABAR, your oh-so-handy tabletop robo-cocktail mixer. Or... as the makers put it - "Somabar is the world's first app. controlled automated bartending appliance created for the home kitchen." Either way, it can can make over 300 different cocktails and can mix each concoction in just five seconds.

The machine holds six 750ml air-tight containers (called pods) which are electronically tagged so the Somabar knows what it is being loaded with, says CEO Dylan Purcell-Lowe. “It makes tailor-made menus based on the ingredients you have in there,” he said. It can also offer recommendations based on your preferences, letting you know what ingredients you may need to add. 

When you 'order' your drink via the app, your robot bartender will take the ingredients from scratch, infuse bitters (from a separate 150ml chamber if you are in the mood) and dynamically mix them in precise quantities using positive displacement pumps before pouring out your craft cocktail in less than 5 seconds.

There are a few provisos though: there is no integrated cooling system (for cost reasons), so if you like your cocktails on the rocks, you're good to go. If however, you prefer drinks straight up, you might be a bit disappointed to find yourself sipping a lukewarm libation. It also can't add garnishes, dustings or umbrellas.

On a more positive note - rest easy, those of you concerned by the 'Rise of the Machines' and the subsequent robo-apocalypse... being up to its transformers in strong liquor, Somabar will never become self-aware... just tired and emotional.

It's set to retail for $699 when it launches later this year.


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