What Would Your Super Power Be?

What Super Power Would You Have?

Have you ever wondered what super power you would like? If you've ever purchased from us you'll notice our feedback form is a little more out-of-this-world than the usual surveys. As well as including traditional questions to help improve the your experience, we also include fun questions such as, "If you could choose a super power, what would it be?". The results might surprise you.

The Fowndry Survey

Customers have the choice of Super Strength, Invisibility, Flight, Teleportation, To be really small to fit through cracks and behind cupboards and Other. Out of the fixed five options, most people chose Teleportation. With the world getting smaller, with new technology, the internet, email and online shopping, it's nice to know that our followers feel like they'd like to see the world. Whether that's to visit people, see new cultures or transport into a bank vault and out again, who knows - but we're thinking it's a great super power to have. 

What Would Your Super Power Be?

Closely followed after Teleportation is Invisibility and Flight. Traditional super powers like Super Strength only receive 5% of the votes. 15% of people decided to name their own super power and answers included, Shape Shifting, Immortality, to drive like Han Solo and to eat toast without crumbs going everywhere. The Fowndry's canteen would certainly appreciate us having the latter, with post-lunch looking like we've been visited by a Slimer meets Jar Jar Binks combo.

Super Power Pie Chart

Sadly we can't promise you the upgrade of a super power (yet), but you can escape worldly norms and immense yourself in 2 hours worth of inter galactic battles, with the new release of Marvel's - Avengers : Age of Ultron, released 23rd April 2015.

For now though, if you'd like to experience our survey and contribute to the improvement of The Fowndry (and possibly mankind), please purchase and wait for (probably) the best questionnaire in this galaxy.




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