SteakChamp - the ultimate steak thermometer

Question: How many men does it take to light a BBQ? Somewhere between 1 and apparently. And how many does it take to cook the cr*p out of some super-expensive 28 dry aged steak? Well from now on, a big fat zero thanks to SteakChamp - the ultimate steak thermometer. 

With this nifty little gadget, cooking a steak perfectly should be an absolute cinch. With it's traffic light single LED system you can choose from medium-rare to well-done... and all points in-between. Simply push the thermometer into your chosen cut, slap it on the grill and stand back... when the internal temperature and favoured LED colour coincide, your meat is done! Made from stainless steel and engineered in Germany, you know it's the hoden des hundes, unlike your steak... hopefully.

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