UFO Soap Pump

Run to the hills, the aliens are coming! Only joking, they’ve already arrived, aboard the gloriously kitsch UFO Soap Pump. As you can see this fantastically ludicrous dispenser depicts a scene familiar to anyone who has watched too many ropey ‘50s sci-fi movies and is something you’d find in a lockup at Area 51 (probably).

Far simpler than all those hand signs from Close Encounters, just pump the saucer once to dispense a generous squirt of soap/shampoo/Swarfega into your waiting palm. A cool bathroom gadget for any sky-watching X-phile, this alien spacecraft soap dispenser also works a treat in the shower or by the kitchen sink. You even have a choice of alien abduction: human or cow.

With this fantastically original curio you can enjoy a close encounter of the sudsy kind every single day. All together now, ‘I want to believe.’


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