The Whisker Dam: It's like an umbrella for your face

Are we now 'Post Peak Beard'? Anyone know...? Anyone care? Certainly if you are sporting a bit of top-lip topiary, frankly (my dear) you probably don't give a damn. However you probably will be interested in the arrival of The Whisker Dam; a neat little device specifically designed to avoid those awkward sudsy moments, when froth from your favourite brew sticks to your 'tache like snow on a Tyrolean pine.

Made in the USA and fashioned from 100% Copper, with an aged patina and coated with a non-toxic barrier, this moustache guard has been handcrafted to hipster perfection, right down to the vintage looking carrying case. It attaches easily to any pint glass, allowing you to sip with impunity. Sláinte!

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