Mininch Tool Pen: Premium Edition

In these days of 'peek beard' and the whole artisan movement, it's not surprising to see Kickstarter projects like the Mininch Tool Pen, exceeding their funding targets by several thousand percent. It captures the zeitgeist perfectly; that longing for a time when craftsmanship rather than mass production was the norm and hand tools were cherished possessions, handed down from generation to generation.

The Mininch Tool Pen is a brilliantly (and beautifully) engineered multitool; a hollow, magic-marker sized hexagonal barrel, machined from aluminium, that holds six driver bits - including Slotted (Flat), Phillips, Metric Hexagon (Hex), Imperial Hexagon (Hex), Star, Robertson (Square), and Pozidrive (Pozi) - with the foremost ready to use.
It's essentially a bit-storing screwdriver in a very compact, elegant form, with a magnetic cap to prevent the front bit from stabbing you or your bag.

The way it functions draws inspiration from the "Pop-A-Point" pen and pencil line from the 80s: when you need to swap one tool for another, you pull off the front bit and insert it down the back end of the barrel – this action pushes out the next bit in the line. There's a special ring mechanism in place to stop the bit popping out the back again when pressure is applied. The bit shape and number are laser-etched onto the sides and there are ‘windows’ milled into one of the faces of the tool to allow you to see which bits are loaded within. 

The Mininch comes with 16 bits in total, in a choice of Metric or Imperial sizes and a choice of 3 finishes – Gunmetal, Silver Snow or Champagne Gold. Available now for £49.99 (atelier and leather apron not included).



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