Star Wars Chubby Series 1 - Judge me by my size, do you?

Am I a nerd for liking Star Wars or do I like Star Wars because I am a nerd?.

In space no one can hear you meme, so ditch the angst and instead enjoy these lovely pics of the recently launched Star Wars Chubby Series 1, from art toy manufacturer Unbox Industries. Sporting a slightly suspect sounding moniker but actually thoroughly wholesome, the 4 Chubbies are a set of thoroughly modern space opera matryoshka.

There are some seriously weird things in the Star Wars universe. From Princess Leia's changing accent and that piano-playing blue elephant on Jabba's sail barge to Mr Bronson off Grange Hill commanding an Imperial Star Destroyer. But nothing could possibly be as weird, or as wonderful, as Star Wars Chubbies.

These cartoony-looking PVC dolls are set to become the latest must-have collectables for Star Wars fans everywhere. Because as well as depicting iconic characters, these impossibly cute dolls open up to reveal two more figures within. A bit like Russian nesting dolls without the floral headscarves and rosy cheeks.

We guarantee it'll take more than a tremor in the Force to stop you from continually opening them up and putting them back together again. The initial 4 Chubbies to be released are Boba Fett (+ Bossk & Zuckuss), Chewbacca (+Han Solo & Greedo), C-3PO (+R2-D2 & Jawa) and Yoda (+ Mace Windu & Obi-Wan Kenobi). Series 2 - with Jabba already confirmed - will be following in the New Year, just in time to join the groundswell of hype for oh, I dunno... some major cultural event that's happening in 2015. You know, Star Wars VII: Some Like It Hoth or whatever...

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