Balloon Seat

Baloon Chair Beanbag

Have you ever tried to sit on a balloon? As tempting as it is, the cat normally ends up on the ceiling and your guests' drinks end up on the floor. Until now. French product designer, Florence Jaffrain felt the need to address this problem and the Balloon Seat was born.

Made from an extremely tactile Lycra fabric and filled with polystyrene balls, it will automatically return to the original balloon shape once vacated. We can't over state how much fun it is and how incredibly soft this feels when sat on. A cross between a bouncy castle and a beanbag, if nothing else it will allow you to reconnect with your inner child. Jelly and ice cream not included. 

This modern take on the beanbag is great for chilling out, while making a design statement in your lounge. Available in children's 70cm (£120) or adult 120cm (£300) versions, just don't try and rub it against your jumper and expect it to stick to the wall.

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Baloon Beanbag ChairBaloon Chair Beanbag


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