Never Ending Slinky Machine

Ever wondered what a Slinky on a treadmill looks like? Us neither. Fortunately some engineering boffin with (clearly) too much time on his hands did and the result is quite brilliant. The NESM - Never Ending Slinky Machine...see what they did there - is mesmerising, relaxing, thrilling and aesthetically beautiful.

For the Propellorheads out there, the rules that govern the mechanics of a Slinky are due to something called Hooke's Law and the effects of gravity. That much is known. But what about the known unknown...?. To make the treadmill idea work, the team had to consider the following: what is the distance between each ‘step’? What angle does it walk most efficiently? At what pace does it walk? And how to keep the Slinky straight straight?

Once they'd figured all that out, it was simply a case of bolting together some aluminium composite, custom made rollers, shafts and brackets with 4 shallow groove bearings, fitting it with a silent running motor and gearbox, USB Cable and speed controller, then adding a rubber drive belt, Super Flex conveyor belt, and finishing it off with all stainless fastenings. A cinch.  

Clearly all that hard graft has paid dividends. You can marvel at man's outstanding achievements... and then there's the NESM Poject!. Better still, you can purchase your very own perpetual motion desk toy if you head over to Kickstarter.



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