Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

"Bread Leader standing by..." We know exactly what your (almost) supremely well-appointed bachelor pad is missing; a stunning, officially licensed knife-holding tribute to one of the most iconic, space station-bothering starfighters in movie history. Mesdames et messieurs, je vous presente the Incom T-65 X-Wing Knife Block!.

Go ahead and admire its powerful, agile and distinctive polished chrome form; marvel at its elegant, near gravity-defying balance and poise - the designers having sensibly opted for a sleek display stand rather than a set of 4L4 Fusial advanced sublight drive engines... presumably because of cost implications.

And then grab one of the high quality stainless steel lightsabres and effortlessly slice through bread, fruit, legumes or even types of meat. We guarantee, you will be able to strike them down and they will not become more powerful than you can possibly imagine...

Forget the Force. The Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block will add a little sci-fi chic to your counter-top and give your regular old kitchenware a rebellious kick in the vegetables. Available from August - in a lovely retro style box - for a very reasonable £69.99.


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