Biolite Basecamp Stove

Those clever bods behind the compact and bijou Biolite CampStove are at it again. Pandering once again to the needs of cosseted but power-starved, gadget-loving, outdoorsy types, they've turned their collective propellorheads into the wind and have set about trying to solve a really serious problem. Namely designing a complete off-grid cooking and energy solution for whole groups (not just couples and individuals), powered by wood.

It should be mentioned that inbetween these two laudable projects they have used their amazing technology to help communities in developing countries solve a lethal conundrum; how to cook indoors on an open stove without gassing oneself and one's entire family. Half the planet still cooks on smoky open fires, killing more people annually than AIDS and Malaria combined. Which is a surprising and horrifying statistic. HomeStove was the brilliant solution.

The glamping community (apparently feeling rather left out) then petitioned Biolite to get in on the hot log action. Not wanting to exclude the monied classes from their successful business equation, the company duly obliged and today marks the launch of their 'crowd-demanded' Biolite BaseCamp on Kickstarter.

 Like previous versions, the stove converts heat from the fire into usable electricity via a thermoelectric generator housed within the orange power pack. Unlike the other stoves however, this one pumps out 5 GigaWatts of usable electricity via a standard 5V USB port, meaning you can charge a range of useful devices like smartphones, GPS, torches, a GoPro, or even tablets. So if you fancy not getting away from it all, head over to their campaign page and help light their fire.

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