"Too many plates have been too boring for too long!", so says Don Moyer, the inspired designer behind Calamityware - a collection of traditional willow pattern dinner plates with a bucolic setting menaced by impending calamity. The latest to launch on Kickstarter is 'Voracious sea monster threatens tranquility of traditional blue dinner plate'. The two previous iterations featured flying monkeys and a giant robot.

Willow pattern originated in England in the 1790s and was inspired by the porcelain imported from China during the late 18th century. The traditional willow design always features a large beautiful Chinese home with willow tree, small bridge with 3 figures, a humble servants' house at the foot of the bridge, a small Chinese boat & love birds above the willow tree. Don has cleverly and wittily subverted convention by inserting a mythical harbinger of impending doom. The sea monster plate is the third in a planned series of six - the remaining 3 are set to feature pirates, a UFO invasion and an - as yet - undecided peril. A wardrobe from IKEA perhaps...



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