The Not LEGO, Not Game of Thrones, LEGO 'Game of Thrones' Minifig Set

It's unofficial!. No really... the 'Dragon Sword Fighter Force' is most definitely not an officially endorsed LEGO 'Game of Thrones' set of minifigs but who cares! We all know what it's supposed to be and it looks damn groovy. I guess the Danish brickmeisters would feel mighty uncomfortable being associated with a show that depicts totally inappropriate family relations, kiddie slaying and dwarf abuse but that's okay because Citizen Brick, the custom cut 'n' shut LEGO craftsmen, have stepped up to the (armour) plate.

The 12 strong group is being offered as four different packs of three minifigs, packaged in full color blister cards. Every set comes with crazy detailing: uniquely pad printed body parts, weapons, and custom cloth elements. Buy all 12 and you get a bonus 'Sir Typesalot' minifig (whilst stocks last). Of course it's just impossible to offer all the major characters, not least because you'd have to re-mortgage your castle to buy them but CB have made a decent Fist of the First Men of representing the most interesting / popular characters. Grab them while you can because just like the cast of the TV series, you never know when they might required to attend a wedding...


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