Star Wars Force Paint

Bring the home-improving power of The Force to bear on your interior walls & ceilings and give your Wi-Fi signal a boost, with Star Wars Force Paint.

Star Wars is undeniably one of the most important landmarks of 20th century science fiction. Not only has it inspired generations of fans but it has become part of the mainstream consciousness the world over and influenced cinematic, literary, and architectural and artistic history. But I know what you’re thinking… where’s the officially licensed paint? Where do you turn when your emulsions betray you?.

Worry no more because now you too can live in an abode so tastefully decorated with evocative colours from the iconic sci-fi saga that even TK421 would be proud to call it home. One that also magically turns each surface into a WiFi amplifying antenna; so you can connect up every room with a broadcast-strength signal without resorting to expensive gadgets and gizmos.

Award-winning international paint manufacturer Pigments of Your Imagination™ and the Magrody Institute of Programmable Intelligence have collaborated on a range of paints (well, um … 2 actually) that incorporate bleeding-edge technology derived from military R&D.
Beautiful shades aside, the emulsion is essentially a paint-on wireless antenna system; the manufacturers are understandably keeping pretty schtum about the science but basically the pigment coats the surface with a layer of microscopic midichlorian nanocapacitors which resonate when a signal is 'detected'. The particles instantly ‘align’ in a way that augments the signal’s transmission strength considerably - like a million voices crying out, if you will.

That aside, the central conceit is that the paint is only available in two colours, faithfully reproduced from the original movie design concept swatches: The Light Side (Hoth White) and The Dark Side (Carbonite). But with the original story being very much a straightforward black and white tale of the forces of good and evil – no light and shade, there is - what more do you need?


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