The Barbour Skyfall James Bond Commander Heritage X To Ki To Beacon Sports Jacket

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to be dry!... Back in 2012 Barbour teamed up with Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida to produce the Beacon Heritage X To Ki To Sports Jacket, a Limited Edition series; a version of which, Mr Daniel Craig wore in Skyfall - the final scenes set at his eponymous ancestral home in the Scottish Highlands.

The X To Ki jacket (which had a removable hood) sold out pretty quickly and Barbour, realising they had a hit on their hands but unable to re-issue a Ltd. Ed. product, released a new version - the Barbour Dept. (B) Commander - which is identical to the original, minus the hood and a small internal storm flap. Since December the Commander has been known as the Barbour Heritage Beacon Sports Jacket, presumably as a more direct reference to the original collaboration.

Made from 6oz Sylkoil waxed cotton, with a leather trimmed collar and sleeves, poacher's pockets and Barbour's signature tartan lining, the fit is slim (in fact a bit too narrow perhaps in the shoulders), although not quite as tailored as the undoubtedly bespoke version Craig sported. Unusually though, it has a good sleeve length; the problem with their coats has always been they seemed to be made for lanky, barrel-chested country types with unfeasibly short arms.

The jacket is a good weight and is sure to have you covered whether you're being roughed up by the weather in town or by some spooky looking bloke in a trenchcoat in the Scottish Highlands*. It can also be worn collar down for a more formal look.

Currently, due to popular demand for this style, the Beacon Sports Jacket is limited to 1 per household on Barbour's site but I'd suggest bagging one while you can as it's a future classic.


*NB: Why did Bond, knowing he'd be pursued by an army of machine gun-toting homicidal goons, decide to hole up in a remote pile, armed with nothing more than an angry scowl and a knackered old gamekeeper?.

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