Ink Whiskey's Concealable Entertainment Flask

"Go home, Nintendo - you're drunk."

Get your drinking game on. Literally. US company Ink Whiskey (combining two of the things that appeal most to men - drinking and gaming) has taken the classic NES cartridge, hollowed it out and prepped it to take a generous slug of your favourite libation. Of course they're not using real games carts, they've just taken divine inspiration from the iconic form of the old timey console cases.

Naturally the alcohol-based label designs they've crayoned up also spoof the original gaming titles and graphics  - choose from Drunk Hunt, CastleVodka, Metal Beer, Super Bar-Hop Bros and The Legend of Drink (the last will also be available as a special Gold Edition cart).

It's a great idea and a visually witty take on the rather boring but handy trad. stainless steel flask. Although I imagine some idiot will get larruped and attempt to plug his booze into his video game system. One for the Darwin awards...


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