Jedi Meat Tricks - Star Wars BBQ Tongs

Barbecue Season may seem like a million light years away - as our insufferable Groundhog Day of a winter grinds on - but thank the Sith Lord it will be here before you can oak smoke a sausage. And with it, a smorgasbord of rubbed, racked and marinated meats, just begging to be griddled senseless. Naturally you’ll need an elegant tool to flip your perfectly flamed Bantha burgers – enter The Fowndry’s weapon du jour: the Star Wars Lightsaber BBQ Tongs.

Not as clumsy or random as a fork, these handy barbecue nippers are modelled on Darth 'Jeff' Vader’s lightsaber, circa Episode IV. With a handy pair of meat wranglers at one end and the weapon’s iconic hilt at the other, Star Wars BBQ tongs are the perfect bit of kit for any civilised chef. A transparent red plastic cover keeps the prongs together when not in use and gives the utensil that iconic space opera look.
And yes, they even make the noise (so you don’t have to). Let go your conscious self, act on instinct and amaze your friends with some Jedi Meat Tricks…

May The Forceps be with you!.


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