The 10 Beer Gadgets To Win Friends and Influence People

“All hail to the ale!”. Beer in all its many varied - yet consistently delicious - forms, is one of life’s great wonders: it can give sagacity to a simpleton and stupefy a genius. It’s hard to disagree with Sinatra when he said “I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, That's as good as they're going to feel all day”.

However, whilst the basic process for brewing suds has remained fundamentally unchanged, Doctor Science has been doing his level best to help improve the overall beer drinking experience (wherever you might be – even up a mountain) and so here are the 10 11 best imbibing ‘companions’ - we love you, hic!:

1. The Beer Tusk - Save the ragged edges for tomorrow morning and call shotgun on the greatest beer-swilling tool since football – the Beer Tusk.

2. Marshall Fridge - Combine 50 years of classic rock heritage with a spacious drinks refrigerator and you end up with the chilling rock n’ roll obelisk known as the Marshall Fridge.

3. Das Horn - Raise a toast to the Allfather and hail your victorious dead with Das Horn – a drinking horn for the iPod generation.

4. The Chillsner - The first ever in-bottle beer chiller that you can actually drink through and it’s putting an end to disappointing warm beers everywhere.

5. Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops - Leave the cooler in the car and blag yourself a beer with a little bare-footed cheek and 'Follow Me Bring Beer' Flip Flops.

6. 50 Caliber Bottle Opener - Hand-machined from a real military grade .50 cal BMG brass cartridge, there is something undeniably rewarding about using a hefty weathered bullet to blast open your beverages.

7. The Chill Puck - An ice pack for your beverage. Use it at a coaster, in a koozie or directly attached to the tin, to keep your beer, soda and other cans colder for longer.

8. Brew2Go - Keep your beer cold on the move with Brew2Go, the non-spill portable beer glass that keeps out unwanted bugs.

9. Star Wars FC Pilsner Glasses - Two of the finest creations to grace God's clean earth - ale and Star Wars - get the cut 'n' shut treatment with these strictly limited edition beer glasses.

10. Pat’s Back Country Eco2 System - Pat's Carbonator can make soda, carbonated water and most importantly BEER on the go. Like a boozy, portably SodaStream.

11. Cooler Cannon – Hit the remote and the cooler instantly tosses your next beverage through the lid of the cold box, up to 8 feet away.


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