Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Think once... Think twice... Think bike! The brilliantly memorable public information film from 1975 (about being aware of motorbike's at junctions) could easily apply to the naturally aspirated, pedal powered equivalent.

Considering how vulnerable cyclists are, The Fowndry is reminded of a classic Young Ones episode that spoofed the ad., likening a body to a "clingfilm parcel, of mashed banana and jam" and a car to a "cricket bat, with a breeze-block nailed to it." So anything that can be done to improve the visibility of cycle and rider is A. Very. Good. Thing. Which is where Palomar's terrific Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights enter stage left...Paired with your regular lights they’re a great way to get noticed.

The clever design allows the front and back lights to clip together magnetically – making them easy to carry in your coat pocket or bag - and automatically switch on when you attach them to your bike. When it’s time to hit the road, break them apart and stick them anywhere on your cycle’s frame. No matter how bumpy the terrain, they’ll hold firm.

With three different settings (constant, slow flash, and fast flash) Lucetta is a great way to boost your visibility, along with your standard bike lights. Especially since you can stick them to the side of your bike’s frame, making you more noticeable at junctions (the circle closes) and as you weave smugly through the traffic jams.


Lucetta ~ Magnetic Bike Lights from pizzolorusso on Vimeo.


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