ZTE #Maker Series

Recalling the golden age of Blue Peter Christmas gift crafting and very much in the spirit of the Maker Movement that is currently massively in vogue, telecomms giant ZTE have launched a series of fun and irreverent "How To" projects. The latest of which - how to build a 'USB Friend' - particularly grabbed our attention...It's inspired by the work of UK artist Jon Burgerman and armed with some Polymer clay, small form USB memory stick, stick on googly eyes and some super glue (not sticky-backed plastic), will show you to knock up a unique Christmas gift.

Once made, you can fill him (or her or it) with all your favourite media downloaded from your smartphone and give to friends or family for Christmas.

The steps are very simple:

1. Gather your materials.

2. Mould your character's body and head around the USB stick.

3. Make additional features to personalise your character.

4. Bake your 'friend'.

5. Superglue the components together.

6. Fill your USB friend with music, photos and movies ready to give as a unique and personalised present.

You can get all the info on this and the other projects here.

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