Sugar Skull Spoon

Dying for a coffee...?

A visually witty new product has just finished a very successful round of fund-raising on Kickstarter. Coming on like one of those dissolving spoons dipped in a seemingly innocuous cartoon cup of coffee acid, the Sugar Skull Spoon from design team Hundred Million, has been cunningly designed to not only resemble a hazardous substance signifier but also be an extremely effective sucrose delivery system. And it will oh so sweetly remind you just how corrosive a spoonful of (un)refined sugar cane really is, every time you reach for a dose of the brown horse.

Each spoon is made from high-quality stainless steel, with a laser etched 'Hundred Million' logo subtly engraved into the back of the handle, drawing on inspiration from the Mexican Día de los Muertos Festival, gothic culture and Tim Burton. What a beautifully macabre way to make a very serious point.

As Mark Twain said "But death was sweet..." He didn't mention it'll also cost you 8 quid when it's available in Feb 2014.

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