Truss - The Minimalist Bottle Opener

We've seen a fair few innovative bottle openers - as you might imagine after spending 15 years buying for retail - and it's hard not to shrug and say 'meh!' when yet another inventor/designer has their lightbulb moment but one did catch our Sauron-like gaze recently... Truss Design Co.'s eponymous Minimalist Bottle Opener.

Truss is one of the smallest and lightest bottle openers ever. It's available in either 301 hardened stainless steel or grade 5 titanium (the same titanium they use in aerospace and surgical implants). At only 2.1 inches and 5.9 grams - 3.4g for the titanium version - it's designed to sit alongside your keys and blend right in. Its "truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form". And we can't disagree. You really won't believe how small, light and strong it is... well I suppose you might if you know your Greek mythology. 


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