Pixelsticks - Painting With Light

Picasso famously achieved some pretty cool results 'painting with light' back in the late 40s - most notably the snappily titled "Picasso draws a centaur in the air" -  but the technology hasn't really evolved; essentially a combination of a single source of light (like a torch) and long exposure photography.

That's about to change thanks to Bit Banger Labs, who are about to raise the cash needed to bring their brilliant new product, the Pixelstick to market. With their invention you can prep virtually any image in Photoshop or similar software and then having set a camera up to record the event, paint that image into any 3 dimensional space. There is even a 'smart sequence' function that allows you to create animations through multiple exposures. It's pointless to back on about persistence of vision and try to describe how awesome the results are... probably best just to watch the video. Pretty amazing stuff! Roll VT...


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