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Beer Socks Morpher Flat-Folding Helmet King Tong Star Wars™ Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle The Iron Throne Egg Cup Drew The Pencil Lamp Cactus Mug Book Light Air Deck Playing Cards Duke Cannon Handsome Man Grooming Can Duke Cannon Supply Co. Solid Cologne Pumpkin Candle Breakfast Socks Globe Journal Animal Snow Tubes Melting Zombie Head Candle ASAP X-Connect Charging Cable Light Up Peg Board Make Your Own Fairy Light Sign Cacti Salt and Pepper Mills Mayka Toy Block Tape - 2m 4 Stud Mayka Toy Block Tape - 2m 2 Stud Light Up Unicorn Bath Plug BruX Pour Over Coffee System RelaxAir Inflatable Lounger Nanopresso Mayka Toy Block Tape - 1m 2 Stud The Original Fidget Cube Beast28 Stowable Technical Backpack WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger 321 Water Bottle Apero Wine Bottle Opener LINKA Smart Bike Lock Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg Ice Cream Beach Fan Hippo Bottle Opener Sunnylife Luxe Lie-On Floats Kai Mimuno Nail File Mini Banners Slush Puppie Machine Jetpack Backpack

Beer Socks

NB: This item is on Pre-Order and will ship at the end of May. Because of the payment system we use, your card...


Morpher Flat-Folding Helmet

NB: The Morpher does not currently have safety certification for Australia, so unfortunately we are unable to ship it to that...


King Tong

Go crazy ape on salads, BBQ food or anything else that requires lifting turning or serving with King Tong, Skull-Kitchen...


Star Wars™ Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle

In space, no-one can hear you steam… which is a shame because the superbly menacing Darth Vader Kettle has a...


The Iron Throne Egg Cup

Cersegg Baratheon… Jammy Lannister… Dany Teagaryen… Scone Snow… Euron EarlGreyjoy… the Egg White Walkers led by the Marmite King… who...


Drew The Pencil Lamp

Looking for the write lamp? Want some LED in your pencil? Drew is the beautifully crafted dimmable lamp that will light...


Cactus Mug

Cacti are renowned for two things - storing water and being very spiky. Sombreros off then to the Cactus Mug,...


Book Light

When is a book not a book? When it’s alight… or more specifically a go anywhere mood lamp Fancy a bit...


Air Deck Playing Cards

Air Deck is the world's first truly travel optimized set of playing cards. Waterproof, compact, lightweight, and durable Thinking outside the...


Duke Cannon Handsome Man Grooming Can

Open up a can of fella-pimping whoopass with Duke Cannon's Handsome Man Grooming Kit This premium gift for him contains a...


Duke Cannon Supply Co. Solid Cologne

Perfume bottles are for wimps. Real men smear their favourite cologne on... straight from a handy take-anywhere tin. Well Duke...


Pumpkin Candle

Put the light into fright night with this spooktacular Pumpkin Candle No-one’s quite sure how Jack-O’-Lanterns became synonymous with Halloween...


Breakfast Socks

Too good to eat? Not exactly… but that’s only because these delicious-looking baked goods are actually ridiculously cute and stylish...


Globe Journal

Globe Journal is the brilliant new 3D travel diary, where you can colour in your countries and connect up your continents Phileas...


Animal Snow Tubes

Take the piste in cartoon style this Winter with these wild and wacky Animal Snow Tubes Novelty pool floats have...


Melting Zombie Head Candle

Fear the waxing dead with the revoltingly oozy Melting Head Zombie Candle The perfect prop for any Halloween party or...


ASAP X-Connect Charging Cable

Say ‘sayonara’ to annoying tangles of electric spaghetti… ASAP X-Connect is the ONLY smart device charging cable you’ll ever need! The...


Light Up Peg Board

The Light Up Peg Board comes with 200 letters, numbers and symbols to create your own sign in vivid, glowing,...


Make Your Own Fairy Light Sign

Be industrious and add some light & magic to any room with the USB powered Make Your Own String Light...


Cacti Salt and Pepper Mills

Hotter than the Mojave in a heatwave, these Cacti Salt and Pepper Mills will turn your desert of a dining...


Mayka Toy Block Tape - 2m 4 Stud

  ZURU Mayka Toy Brick Tape allows bricks from LEGO, Mega Bloks and Kreo to be built on any surface,...


Mayka Toy Block Tape - 2m 2 Stud

ZURU Mayka Toy Brick Tape allows bricks from LEGO, Mega Bloks and Kreo to be built on any surface, even...


Light Up Unicorn Bath Plug

What sorcery is this? Make bath time magical with the Colour Changing Light Up Unicorn Bath Plug Don’t be sad,...


BruX Pour Over Coffee System

Put the ‘Oooh!’ in your brew with the simple but ingenious BruX Pour Over Coffee System. We’ve seen some cool...


RelaxAir Inflatable Lounger

RelaxAir Inflatable Lounger is the ultimate instant sofa, made from high quality rip stop nylon and small enough to slide in your...



Nanopresso is the new ultra-compact, hand-powered portable espresso maker for coffee lovers on the move. It even comes with a handy...


Mayka Toy Block Tape - 1m 2 Stud

ZURU Mayka Toy Brick Tape allows bricks from LEGO, Mega Bloks and Kreo to be built on any surface, even...


The Original Fidget Cube

Are you a worrywart or a fussbudget? Do you have ants in your pants and abhor lollygagging, then The Original...


Beast28 Stowable Technical Backpack

Beast28 is the first stowable pack of its kind - a compact technical backpack that when unfurled, more than holds...


WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger

Sounding like something Pac-Man might snack on before chasing Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde around their pixel playground, WakaWaka Power+...


321 Water Bottle

Beautiful, other-worldly design and terrific H2O filtering functionality come together in the form of the 321 Water Bottle – the...


Apero Wine Bottle Opener

NB: Please note due to the nature of this product and issues with clearing them through customs it is only...


LINKA Smart Bike Lock

Resembling something you might use to shackle The Hulk, LINKA is the world's first auto-unlocking, hard-mounted smart bike lock. And since...


Motion Activated Alien Storage Egg

Famously, in space no-one can hear you scream! It’s different on terra-firma of course, where the Motion Activated Alien Storage...


Ice Cream Beach Fan

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream Beach Fans! No surprise, when it’s 99 in the shade...


Hippo Bottle Opener

The bottle’s got its cap off… Hippo-hippo-hippo-hooray! When it comes to ornamental lid removers with a bit of bite, this...


Sunnylife Luxe Lie-On Floats

Turn off your mind relax and float downstream… or lounge in the pool or bob on the sea with a Sunnylife Luxe...


Kai Mimuno Nail File

Round is the new flat. Give your nails the five star treatment with the decidedly unconventional but wonderfully stylish Kai Mimuno...


Mini Banners

The message my friend is blowing in the wind, or rather fluttering in the breeze courtesy of these bunting-busting Mini Banners....


Slush Puppie Machine

This item comes with a 3 pin UK plug. If you live outside the UK or Australia, you will need a...


Jetpack Backpack

Commencing countdown, engines on… Stay fuelled and prepare for lunch with the stellar Jetpack Backpack Hang on! It’s the 21st century,...


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Posted April 25, 2018

Fancy your very own watering hole? Then architecture and design studio Honomobo are about to quote you happy. Their extremely stylish, hassle free backyard bar solution - called the Honomobar - wi... read more

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