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theQ Camera


Leave your smartphone in your pocket – theQ Camera snaps a better photo and uploads them instantly to your social networks via 3G.

Smartphone cameras are great. Handy. Great quality. But just a bit… well, soulless. We can’t fault their makers’ intentions, but in their rush to cram everything into one gadget, they seem to have left something out. Fun.

Well theQ Camera corrects that. Just as handy and easy to use, but with loads more features and superb picture quality, this pocket-sized marvel goes where your smartphone can’t. Or won’t. Or probably shouldn’t. Including underwater.

Snap photos and, wherever you are, theQ can instantly upload them to your favourite social networking sites via 3G. Just like that. No wires or complicated apps. Easy as blinking.

Prefer to tweak your shots before you share them? TheQ can just as easily upload your shots to theQ Lab online – where you can edit, add filters and share on social networks when you’re good and ready. Which is far less fiddly than doing it on your phone. Plus, it leaves you more time to actually enjoy the moment.

And speaking of moments – whether you’re in gorgeous daylight, dark alcoves or deep underwater theQ will respond perfectly. A fashion photography-inspired LED ring flash around the lens does away with those appalling bleached-out shots. And the simple buttons and f2.4 wide-angle lens mean anyone can handle it with the skill of a seasoned paparazzo.

Best of all, since it’s a camera with its heart in the good old days, the photos you produce are all naturally tinged with that warm vintage glow. Sure, you can add filters in theQ Lab later, but with shots this good, you may never want to.

The Lowdown:

  • Compact digital camera
  • Takes photos with a vintage analogue feel
  • Built in 3G automatically uploads your images online
  • 5 Megapixel sensor
  • Edit, add filters and publish to your social networks online in theQ Lab
  • Waterproof to 3m
  • Soft rubber shell
  • LED ring flash to reduce bleaching
  • Simple to use - one shutter button with flash, one without
  • Self timer function - uses LEDs to countdown
  • Battery indicator
  • Viewing hole also perfect as a carabiner attachment
  • f2.4 wide-angle lens
  • 1 Month free data upload. After the first month you can continue on the data plan for £3.50/month. Or use a USB cable to upload pictures.
  • 2GB internal memory
  • Functions Manual PDF



  • Measures approximately: 6.5cm x 10cm x 1.6 cm


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