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Subbuteo™ Salt & Pepper Grinders


As cliché bothering football managers often say "Sometimes you just have to grind out a result...” That’s certainly true of these rather tasty, officially licensed, Subbuteo Salt & Pepper Dispensers.

Subbuteo…. It’s a funny old game. Except it wasn’t, was it? Like an ex-lover fondly remembered through the cosily distorting fug of time, it actually promised way more than it delivered. In fact if we’re honest, it was a teensy bit crap. Which is why after spending a few initially enthusiastic but ultimately frustrating afternoons fiddling with it, you stuffed it in the loft and forgot all about it. The game not the ex...

Which is absolutely not the case, with these brilliant, condiment dispensing, super-sized tributes to the iconic, lilliputian, flickable figures of yore. Beautifully modelled and packaged in an evocative matte green box, this pair of Mid-Table Generals will guarantee any dinner-time is a game of two halves; unseasoned and seasoned. To dispense a tiki taki-ing dose of salt or pepper, simply hold the base and turn the player - it’s about the only time you won’t mind twisting an ankle.

Each pack contains a perfectly balanced squad - one figure kitted out head to toe in white and the other in a natty all-black strip. It’s up to you to decide which is playing home or away. In fact they’re such a tasty looking pair, you’ll want them on full-time display – this is one teatime kick-off off that hasn’t got drawer written all over it.

Hit ‘Buy’ now and sign up for a bit of pre-seasoning training. Just don’t try and flick ‘em…

Product Lowdown

  • Officially licensed Subbuteo Salt & Pepper Grinders
  • Ceramic grinder mechanism with stainless steel shaft
  • Figures made from ABS Plastic
  • An afternoon of disappointment not included.


  • Each figure measures 95mm x 95mm x 142mm
  • Box Measures: 240mm x 173mm x 105mm

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