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MyDocument Laptop Case


was £21.99

Based on the classic computer icon, this neoprene folder is large enough to store tablets and most laptops.
It used to be that if you had an important paper document, you’d store it in a cardboard folder. Then when computers came along, software designers pinched their look to create file icons – mainly so that we muggles would go, ‘Ooh look, a folder!’ without panicking and throwing sticks at the new fangled technology.

Which is why we love MyDocument Case. Shaped like a classic digital folder icon, this tough neoprene case is designed to hold the modern equivalent of your important pieces of paper – your tablet or laptop. Just slot your gadget in when you’re on the move and keep it safe from bumps and knocks – and away from the eyes of would-be thieves.

As a nifty extra, each MyDocument Case comes with an equally tongue-in-cheek badge shaped like an arrow, hand or timer icon. Pin it on and watch your friends and colleagues panic that someone’s massively pimped their bifocals. Or they’ve discovered a glitch in a less sexy Matrix.

Oh yes, and to open it don’t double tap. There’s a zipper at the top. This new technology, eh… 

The Lowdown

  • Laptop/document case in classic ‘folder’ icon shape
  • Includes one rubber icon badge: arrow, hand or timer (randomly packed)

Tech specs

  • Neoprene case with zipper


  • 34cm x 29cm 2cm (13.39 x 11.42 x 0.8 inches)

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