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What is the Fowndry

Welcome, traveller. We hope you’ve enjoyed your visit to Earth. Before making the jump to hyperspace, please enjoy a browse through the latest, most remarkable curiosities this planet has to offer.

Here we’ve assembled a collection of everything cool, quirky and cutting edge that’s happening in the world right now. Products, gifts, games, gadgets… our team has spent a lifetime scouring the Earth’s surface, from trade fairs to toy shops, fantasy bazaars to tech forums, in search of the most inventive, up-to-the-minute items. Just imagine Han Solo (the original, unedited one who shoots first) crossed with the Man from Del Monte. That’s us.

Take a look around. If you have any questions please shoot red sparks from your wand, combine rings, raise a vestigial limb or drop us an email. Our friendly staff are fluent in over seven million different languages and would be happy to help.

Welcome to The Fowndry and have a very pleasant onward journey.

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Swimming Pool Bedding

Posted July 16, 2014

Familiar with the phrase 'dive into bed'? Go from the figurative to the literal with this brilliant pillow and duvet set from Dutch design company, Snurk. Available in a variety of sizes and mad... read more

Never Ending Slinky Machine

Posted June 27, 2014

Ever wondered what a Slinky on a treadmill looks like? Us neither. Fortunately some engineering boffin with (clearly) too much time on his hands did and the result is quite brilliant. The NESM - ... read more